「Beach Glass Contest」の記事一覧

April 23rd, 2018 Uminowa event, beach glass competition!

On Sunday April 8th,collaborating with Tsujido local market, we had Uminowa vol.4.

Uminowa vol.4 and 10th beach glass competition.

I am honored to announce the 4th Uminowa and its details as follows!

It was a gold fish and running water!

The 9th beach glass competition held the other day, we received more detailed information from a winner of last competition. According to him, this beachglass brought by a kid of primary school (Left) was made in Edo period and the inside was not a rising dragon.

Uminowa vol.3 opening

March 26th Sun, it was rainy unfortunately, even though I bring sunshine usually. Yet in spite of such weather, the basement of wurst cafe at Kumazawa liquor was fully packed. Thank you for many of you coming from far!

9th Beach Grass competition Details

● Date : March 26th (Sun)
● Time : 13 to 14 o’clock
● Location : Outside of Kumazawa Liquor, where Uminowa vol.3. Is taking place.
● Fee : Free
● What to bring : One special rare beach grass.

Uminowa vol.3 Details

On March 26th, 2017 at Kumazawa Liquor in Chigasaki Uminowa vol.3 will be held. (at the Outside and the basement of Mokichi wurst.

8th Beach Glass contest result!

8th Beach Glass contest was held at Enoshima aquarium on Sunday, November 20th. It was super sunny day and we had 41 entries from all around Kanto area including Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama. It was such a high level competition and I felt a lot responsibility to chose the winner.

Beach Glass contest on Yoron Island

I’m back from 3 days trip to Yoron Island, the furthest south of Kagoshima Prefecture. It was about 5 hours flight from Tokyo to Yoron Island with one transfer at Naha airport in Okinawa.

Prize for the Beach Glass contest in Yoron Island!

I don’t usually show the prize in advance, but this time is special. I really wish I could keep the prize for myself! This is how I feel every time I see the prize before the contest begins, though.

Beach Glass contest will be held on the Yoron Island!

Our Beautiful Island project 365. One of my SNS friends, Ryusuke Ikeda leads a wonderful project called “Our Beautiful Island Project 365” with his friends and families on the Yoron Island.


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