8th Beach Glass contest result!

8th Beach Glass contest was held at Enoshima aquarium on Sunday, November 20th. It was super sunny day and we had 41 entries from all around Kanto area including Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama. It was such a high level competition and I felt a lot responsibility to chose the winner.

3rd place
I cannot even tell what it was, but it shapes like a light bulb. Personally I really like the unique shape. The piece is nicely polished all around and seamless between glass and bulb part.

2nd place
This is also a nicely shaped glass in beautiful pink color which is always popular for girls. The unique oval shape also attracted everyone at the contest.

1st place
3 out of 5 judges chose this piece the best. It was probably a lid for fragrance bottle and the unique shape reminds me of a king’s crown.

The winner was from Chiba and joined the contest with her daughter, and it’s been only 2 years since she started collecting beach glass.

The prize for the winner was an artist Gaku’s latest work.

Message from Gaku:
I drew a whale blowing with glass pieces of many different shapes and colors. I do not usually use multiple colors for my work, but it was special this time for someone who loves the ocean and beach glass. The background sand was collected at the Maehama beach on Haterume Island, the furthest south point of Japan. You can also see my favorite Coca-cola bottle piece at a fin of the whale. The whale might be laughing away all the troubles caused by humans by shooting water from its blowhole!?

Ocean lovers got together for beach cleanup, had a little event for fun and enjoyed chatting with each other drinking soft drinks. It was a fun day as usual and time went by quickly.

The next Beach Glass contest will be held at Kumazawa Shuzo in Chigasaki, Kanagawa. I am thinking of trying something new to make the contest more fun next time. For example, it would be more enjoyable if the contest is held in different groups based on the age and experience. We can also display all the participation pieces so that anyone can vote for the winner. Oversea residents can enter the contest in this way. These are just an idea from our side, but we are open for any exciting ideas from anyone.

It’s been 10 years since BeachMoney was born. BeachMoney would not exist without the understanding and support from all the BeachMoney shops and many other friends. We will continue cleaning up our beaches with smile. Please continue supporting this Japan original beach clean up activity called BeachMoney!



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