9th Beach Grass competition Details

● Date : March 26th (Sun)
● Time : 13 to 14 o’clock
● Location : Outside of Kumazawa Liquor, where Uminowa vol.3. Is taking place.
● Fee : Free
● What to bring : One special rare beach grass.
※ Anyone is welcome
※ For example, the family of 4 can enter as each person.
※ It is so much appreciated if you could purchase the portable trash bag MLP, with more than 100yen.
※ When it rains, it will be taken place at the basement of Weißwurst cafe in the Kumazawa liquor.
※ Kumazawa liquor is located 10 minutes walk from Kagawa station of Sagami line.

A winner will be selected by my personal preference as a chief Beach Money officer.

The winner will get super great something as usual.

I wish I could post a photo here but please wait till the moment comes.

Well, it is expected to have 50 competitors.

And it is also expected that to be highly competitive.

Let’s have fun together!!!



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