It was a gold fish and running water!

The 9th beach glass competition held the other day, we received more detailed information from a winner of last competition.

According to him, this beachglass brought by a kid of primary school (Left) was made in Edo period and the inside was not a rising dragon.

To be correct, the red part was a gold fish and the blue twisted part was running water.

This is the enlarged picture of originals.(Borrowed from internet)

Moreover, the era this glasses were made is before the war time and its purpose was “Netsuke”.

*Netsuke is something you put on a little bag, cigarette case or samurai’s pill box to prevent them fro falling with this tiny charm and string.

When it comes this far, it is rather antique than beachglass.

It’s just a beachglass but each has deep stories…




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