Uminowa vol.3 opening

March 26th Sun, it was rainy unfortunately, even though I bring sunshine usually.

Yet in spite of such weather, the basement of wurst cafe at Kumazawa liquor was fully packed.
Thank you for many of you coming from far!

5 workshops using beach glass and 5 beach glass games, 9th beach glass competition, Kimchin’s washing soap lesson and talk show with Kimchin, Ryosuke from Yoron island, the president of Kumazawa liquor and myself. Everything was perfectly done with the loving friends who care about the ocean and we all enjoyed whole day.

Please check out the photos taken by my friend Takenouchi.

All faces in the photos look so happy and I was glad to hold the event.

The beach glass competition this time had the entry of 34 kids and 14 adults and with crowds we had about 70 people in the room I guess.

The basement was full of energy thanks to that, and the window was foggy ^^.

BTW, the winners are these 2 pcs!

The left is kids’ winner and the right is that of adults.

This gourd-like shape sea glass, according to Take-cyan who’s very familiar with sea glasses, is from Edo period and the blue part is rising dragon that was posted on his instagram.

The one next to it is like a soap and star-shaped sea glass with round corners.

This was obviously a champion!

To a kid’s winner, we gave her a framed original painting drawn by Kaokao Panda cyan.

To an adult’s winner, we gave him a necklace with the paint of kissing sea horse on heart shaped sea glass made by stone artist Akie!

They both were so happy.

This Uminowa is the event that gathers people who love the ocean and get connected in real.

About 20 members of Uminowa naturally get close instantly. People coming to the event are all attractive and it was filled with laughter all day.

This group of 20 members started to get ready for the event half year ago and finally came to this day.

There is nothing but appreciation for everyone who brought this Uminowa success together.

Also, those who have not checked the Treasure of the ocean x ART exhibition by glassman, and 50 rare sea glass collection, come and see them as they are available through Sunday, April 9th!!



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