Beach Glass contest on Yoron Island

I’m back from 3 days trip to Yoron Island, the furthest south of Kagoshima Prefecture. It was about 5 hours flight from Tokyo to Yoron Island with one transfer at Naha airport in Okinawa. Soon we arrived on the island, Kimu-chin left for running all around the island (20-25 km), and I paddled out to the Yurigahama beach for snorkeling. When I was in the water this perfect rainbow showed up after a brief rain, and it felt like that the island welcomed us.


The Yoron Marche event was really successful with family friendly and hand-crafty atmosphere, and so was the Beach Glass contest. We had 14 entries for the contest including multi color piece, earth looking glass ball, and girls favorite pink ones. I will show you the winner piece later on this blog, but it was not any of the pieces above.


The winner could not attend the contest on that day since she was at work, but her friend received the prize for her and we also finally met each other at the airport when I left the island.


I would like to say thank you to our friend, Yusuke, who gave us a chance to go to the Yoron Island this time.

We look forward to going back to the island in the future.



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