Beach Glass contest will be held on the Yoron Island!

Our Beautiful Island project 365

One of my SNS friends, Ryusuke Ikeda leads a wonderful project called “Our Beautiful Island Project 365” with his friends and families on the Yoron Island.

Yoron Island is located on the furthest south of the Kagoshima Prefecture and has beautiful white sand beaches around. I have been dreaming about going there for years and it became true this time as a 3 days business trip with Kimu-chin who is the owner and founder of Ganko Honpo, and also the founder of Beach Money. This will be the first time that 2 of us are on the same trip since we started Beach Money 10 years ago. Kimu-chin will have a workshop about clean detergent, and Ryusuke & I will have a discussion about cleaning up the beaches on the Yoron Island. Beach Glass contest will be held after the discussion as well.


Event Informatiion
Yoron Marche (Free event)
Date: 10/22 (Sat)
Time: 11am – 2:30pm
Location: Yoron Village

Beach Glass contest starts at 2 pm. Bring 2 of your favorite beach glasses you found on the beach.

The winner will get LCF ‘s hand made beach glass pendant. Ask around and join our fun beach glass event!

I also look forward to some marine activities guided by Ryusuke and staying at his parents’ B&B eating fresh local foods and meeting lots new friends who loves ocean like we do.  We are also staying at Hoshizuna-so that owned by the director of Yoron Tourism Association.




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