Checking out Beach money shops in Shonan!

On Wednesday September 19th, I went to the beach money shops in Shonan.

Shops visited were:

50yen off with any color. Up to 1 beach money/time. Once a month/family.

muginami BAKERY
Any color to be larger than 3.5 cm. 30yen off, with the purchase of 500yen and more. Up to 3 times/month/person.

Eat&Drink 7325 coffee
Any color to be larger than the size of your thumb nail. 30yen off from a single drink and 20yen off from a set drink. Up to 3 times/person/month.

At Muginami bakery, I had great bread and juice, and at Naminiko, thanks to the owner of Mr. Kamei we went to surf with Shonan style which is carrying surfboard on attached surfcarrier on the side of the bicycle.

At the deck of Muginami bakery, I could happen to see Nanahachi-San, who is a member of Tsujido morning market.

Waves at Kugenuma were small but good in shape and we took pictures each other so we were weired for other surfers.

Everyone is so nice to me everytime and I am so grateful. I would like to visit beach money shops without appointment again.



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