「Drift wood message board」の記事一覧

Completed the repair of drift message board!

Due to the typhoons from end Oct through Nov, Yumigahama where the office is located had hard wind and wave that broke 2 drift message boards placed at the beach. However, we fixed them and replaced at the original position yesterday.

Patrolling and repairing message boards!

The Hasegawa lived in Chigasaki patrolled and repaired the message boards located on the trash box next to the skate park in Kugenuma.

Drift wood message board was placed on the trash can located at the entrance of the beach of Tsujido 2nd parking!

With a cooperation of Mr.Aoki, who owns a bakery called Muginami Bakery, the message board was placed. Here, invites lots of people like surfers, runners and people with dogs, so it will gets attention naturally^^.

Drift wood message board was placed at Oki beach at Tosashimizu city in Kochi pref!

With cooperation of Chiko cyan, who has a store called BLUE BLUE at Tosashimizu city, the message board was placed at Oki beach.

Placed drift wood message board at the beach of “Sakurahama” at Tatsukushi, Tosa shimizu city in Kochi pref.

Chiko-cyan, an owner of the beach money shop BLUE BLUE, together with her friends who loves the beach placed the drift wood message board in Sakurahama.

Smell of ocean at our porch!

This is a message board of cowry, beach grass and drift wood also handmade by a junior high school girl at “Uminowa vol.3”.

The hand made message board was placed @ Yumigahama!

It’s already been 2 months since Uminowa vol.3, and officially acquired the approval to set a hand made signage at the beach of Yumigahama from the officials (where covers Yumigahama area of Minati-Izu town, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka pref.)

Giving away the drift wood message boards!

We are giving away the drift wood message boards the guest created during the Uminowa vol.3 held on March 26th.


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