Giving away the drift wood message boards!

We are giving away the drift wood message boards the guest created during the Uminowa vol.3 held on March 26th.

However, you need to keep some promises.

These message boards are originally inspired by a picture from the instagram of my beachglass friend Take-cyan.

“Found great handmade message board at the entrance of the beach!”

These message boards are supposed to be placed at the beach, not in the house or porch. *Nevertheless, inside of beach money stores are exceptionally allowed for display.

However, placing these handmade signage are banned.

Accordingly, we want you to go to an officials for consultation if we can obtain approval that ” we have great hand made signage like this to prevent trashing and need your approval for placement.”

It will require some steps but if we have signage like these at the beaches in all over Japan, wouldn’t it make you Happy?

Giving away requires above mentioned conditions but please email me with below 6 information if you really want the boards. (Address: info at

1. Name 2. Zip code 3. Address 4. Phone no. 5. Wish request of the board (place photo or something we can know which one you want) 6. Name of the beach to place it

Moreover, after you receive the board, you need things like adding a longer log vertically, digging a hole and sticking it into the sand^^.

No shipping cost is required.

I’m looking forward to the “action” from all over Japan!!!



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