Drift wood message board was placed on the trash can located at the entrance of the beach of Tsujido 2nd parking!

With a cooperation of Mr.Aoki, who owns a bakery called Muginami Bakery, the message board was placed.

Here, invites lots of people like surfers, runners and people with dogs, so it will gets attention naturally^^.

The person who created these message boards is Chiko cyan in Tosashimizu city of Kochi pref. (The owner of BLUE BLUE) for above 2, and someone who came to the Uminowa vol.3.

Mr. Aoki, whose shop Muginami BAKERY is participating the beach money shop, placed these boards early in the morning before he opens the shop.

Chiko cyan used to live in Tsujido, she volunteered to create drift wood message board. I haven’t seen them yet, but these are very Chiko cyan chic that can feel her. Personally, I wanna take a close look at the sea horse.

What I feel very happy about through this project is, ” there are people who create it, connect it, place it, announce it, and then look and use it. I mean, so many people are linked with a baton and made a form by handing it over and at last everyone use it with care and keep it. The whole story.

The activity of beach money is now 11th years. I believe the bond of people connected under keyword “love the beach” is the big value of beach money.

I’m in Minami Izu and is difficult to go to Kochi and Kanazawa pref. But I have surfers and friends who love the beach and give me their power just by asking only with a call or Messenger.
THAT will be a great energy to make the beach clean and to protect it.

Now this circle is expanding to Taiwan and Hawaii. I would like to take this step by step activity continuously along with my great friends.

Come and join this activity to make the ocean/beach more beautiful.

Pick up trash and dump it in the can with message board, take a photo, upload to the instagram. This is what you can do. Go to Kugenuma and Tsujido in Fujisawa, and Sakurahama and Oki in Tosashimizu, and do the cleaning and upload the insta! This is how we roll^^.



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