Completed the repair of drift message board!

Due to the typhoons from end Oct through Nov, Yumigahama where the office is located had hard wind and wave that broke 2 drift message boards placed at the beach.

However, we fixed them and replaced at the original position yesterday.

The one says “KEEP CLEAN” had 3 turtles on the left originally and 2 of them were gone so I made parent and kid turtles with cowrie instead.

The one says “I Love beautiful ocean”, the board itself was beginning to decay and the beach grasses were falling so I took my wood at home and painted it in thin white and newly put “I love beautiful ocean” + wave.

These 2 boards were made by the customers who came to the event called “Uminowa vol.3 @ Chigasaki ” and it was my first time to fix them and found out that it actually requires a lot and is so much fun. I am getting to imagine I wanna do this or that next time(^^)

Hand making is truly great.

If you have a chance to come to Yumigahama, please check these out, as they are located at the center and the right of the beach entrance, near the front of the parking of Toki-ichi-yu.(Looking at the direction of Yumigahama beach)



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