Drift wood message board was placed at Oki beach at Tosashimizu city in Kochi pref!

With cooperation of Chiko cyan, who has a store called BLUE BLUE at Tosashimizu city, the message board was placed at Oki beach.

There were support also from water accident prevention committee and Ministry of environment to make this happen.

Here is the detail of Oki beach.

I never been to Shikoku area myself but looking at the view taken by a drone, it is so beautiful beach and seems they have many surfers.

Not only the white sand but no artificial objects, the beach is surrounded by green, it is truly a paradise.

Because the size of the beach is about the same as that of Yumigahama, where the beach money office is located, I feel very familiar.

I am hoping to go there to see the site my self and if possible to surf too. In Kochi pref. this is the second location next to Sakura beach at Ryukushi.

Chiko cyan, and all the local friends, thank you so very much for your support!



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