About the 3rd annual Uminowa Festival

As we already posted it in BeachMoney Guide 2016, the 3rd annual Uminowa Festival will be held at Kumazawa Shuzo on March 26, 2017. Uminowa is the beach glass oriented arts&crafts festival for all ages and genders, which is dedicated to increasing the understanding of the ocean. On Dec 30, 2016 the event comittee members got together at EAT&DRINK 7325coffee to brainstorm new ideas for this year’s event.

Everyone at the meeting loves Shonan and the ocean. After 2 hours of discussion we came up with solutions for my objectives and new ideas of beach glass activities. This time we are going to have more variety of hands on activities for all ages. Participation fees range from free to 1,000yen.

For example, one of the committee member Take offers unique beach glass & wood sign workshop. In this free workshop we put our favorite messages like “Keep Clean” or “Love Ocean” into the design, and then we’ll send those signs out to the beaches in response to a request  from all over the country.

Beach glass artist Gaku’s exhibition is also held during the Festival.

Hope to see you all at the Uminowa Festival on March 26, 2017!



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