Uminowa vol.4 work shop Introduction (part 2)!

We are planning to have 6 fun work shops you can enjoy only at 300 to 500yen during the event with themes of reusing and recycling beach glasses, shells and extra yarns.

Here I would like to introduce remaining 3 work shops(Last post was here).

<Work shop no.4>
Rosette decorations with beach glass even kids can.
500 yen/person

Rosette is a ribbon like medal looks like a rose.
It also looks like a petal of rose.
Using beach glass and many parts let’s decorate the rosette!

<Work shop no.5>
Beachy ornaments made with shells and beach glasses by Natural B

On the base of beachy ornaments made with Ornaments with cardboard and waste pieces, you attach shells and/or beach glasses. You can also attach stone cray star fish you can put aromatic oils on.
We will also sell shell accessories made with small conch and Sakuradai shells.

<Work shop no.6>
Beach glass necklace by elm.
500 yen/person

Pick a beach glass you like and make necklace with wire. As we roll the beach glasses with wire, it’s so easy as kids from elementary school.
You can wear it immediately as strip is available. We will also sell wire accessories of natural stones.

“Uminowa vol.4” with Tsujido local market @Tsujido Kaihin Park is just around the corner.

3 more weeks to go! Come see us on April 8th, Sunday!!!!!



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