Introducing work shops from vol.4!

We are thinking to have 6 fun work shops that you can enjoy only at 300 to 500 yen during the event with themes of reusing and recycling beach glasses, shells and extra yarns.

Today I would like to introduce 3 out of them.

<Work shops no.1>
“Kao kao panda’s image drawing ”
500yen/person/1 time

With the images of the beach glass, let’s draw on the canvas bags and/or beach glasses♪
Put another beach glass if you find another beach glass in this little bag.

<Work shop no.2>
Let’s make key chain with extra yarns by Cicro.
300yen/person/1 time

We will bring extra yarns from T shirt factory and/or Cicro’s crafting process, which theme is a natural sustainability. Let’s make key chain using any cloth or thread you like. You can also bring your favorite clothes you don’t wear anymore.

<Work shop vol.3>
Let’s make it with beach glass by flowers!
Bath bomb 2pcs 500yen/person
Magnet 2pcs 500yen/person

Bath bombs with beach glass and shells will create your heavenly bath time. Magnets are so cute as you can feel ocean close all the time. Hand made accessories of beach glasses are also available. From Shimoda, Izu city.

I will introduce the remaining 3 stores next week!



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