A fisherman joined BeachMoney!

Mr. Hirayama, a local fisherman in Minami Izu town joined BeachMoney and started supporting the MyLittlePocket program. At Daigo Maru if you bring a piece of beach glass (Any color is accepted. The piece needs to be well rounded and bigger than a circle of 3cm diameter.) which you find during your beach clean up, you will get a freshly caught fish for exchange. You might receive something special like a mini robster or red snapper(in the picture below) if you bring your favorite rare piece of beach glass and share your story of beach clean ups.

-Mr. Hirayama’s comment
BeachMoney is a simple, easy and fun way to keep our beach clean and raise awareness of it. I also like the idea of MyLittlePocket which encourages you to pick up trash anytime and anywhere you find it outside. We all should re-realize that trash gets into the ocean in many ways and most of it comes from the land. As a fisherman, I’m happy to share the catch with these people out there, doing really environmentally positive things.

Currently we have 151 BeachMoney shops in Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii.
Since I started BeachMoney I have always wanted to work with primary industry like farmers, fishermen and forestry service. Besides Daigo Maru, we have an organic rice farmer, Daikimai, accepting BeachMoney and you can receive 100-500yen worth of rice in exchange.



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