Introducing Uminowa vol.4 work shops (part 3)!

On the day of the event of April 8th, Sunday, we will have great work shops you can make something for your doggies and kitties.

By Elpis , “Aromatic herbs for people and the pets”
“Herb Ball & Aroma Daily Care Item Workshop for your pets”

The time of this work shop is limited and differs from the others and held between 12pm to 3pm.

1) Herb Ball that can be used for both people and the pets.
It will help you warm and enjoy the benefits of herbal effects.
Let’s make it putting love and empowerment into it.
500 yen/piece

It is natural for us to adopt local things into the Herb ball since we are living in Japan. We will utilize Japanese herbs like Japanese medler. Body Warming method that can be tried for the doggies and kitties.

2) Aroma Daily Care Item for Dogs&Cats
(Bugs spray, mouth care fluid, ear cleaner etc.)

Aromatic daily care items for your pets should be selected depending on their physical constitution and the purposes. The most recommended is the bug spray. You can use it together so it will be great for coming season♪

The Elpis, the herb shop for people and their pets is the participant of the beach money shop. 1st of every month, they are holding a great thing like walk and beach clean activity at Kugenuma beach with the doggies. Please check out the details here!!!



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