BeachMoney shop in Taiwan

I received photos from our Japanese friend who is supporting BeachMoney in Taiwan.  So far we have 2 BeachMoney shops in Taiwan, 花梨客棧(guesthouse) and  鹹水號(café&gallery). Photos of their big smiles made me want to jump on the airplane to visit them right away!

As I mentioned before, I went backpacking overseas for about a year when I was 25 years old.

It was a life-changing trip for me, and I remember that experience clearly even 10 years after.

My goal next year is making BeachMoney popular overseas. Since this fall we’ve been translating various BeachMoney documents in English. We also launched English site as well with a support of my Hawaii friend. Actually Hawaii would be a great destination for BeachMoney overseas since Japan and Hawaii have a lot in common.

The picture from Penghu Island in Taiwan shows a lot of beach glasses and corals washed ashore. I would like to go visit the island in the near future.



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