Beach Money’s getting popular in Taiwan !?

A couple of months ago Asahi Shinbun (Japanese Newspaper) talked about Beach Money on their paper (Here is the article). Somehow a lot of people in Taiwan read the article through the web (Here is the article in Taiwanese), and I started receiving a lot of emails and Facebook friend requests especially from The Penghu Island in Taiwan.


The Penghu Island is well know for its environmental consciousness, and it seems like what Beach Money is doing really caught their attention this time. That would be great if we get Beach Money shops in Taiwan next! I might have to study Chinese as well as English for better communication, though. Thanks to the Asahi Shinbun article, Beach Money would become global in the near future.

Email from the friend in Taiwan

“The Penghu Island is one of the popular beach resorts like Okinawa or Hawaii for us, and also well known for its environmental consciousness in Taiwan. It is about one hour flight from Taipei, and 40 min from Kaohsiung. Many local businesses hold street or beach clean ups regularly, and I saw a couple of Facebook Groups started working together to bring Beach Money in Taiwan. “


The picture below is the beach glass found on the beach in Taiwan.



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