Beach Money workshop for 1 hour to their 3rd grade students!

On Wednesday, October 12th I was invited to my oldest son’s school on their field day, and I held a Beach Money workshop for 1 hour to their 3rd grade students. In the countryside everyone knows everyone by greeting or communicating each other every day so the workshop went really smooth. The workshop had a nice, homelike atmosphere since the students were the friends of my son and quite a few of them already started collecting beach glass.

We had an active Q&A session after the talk. The students sang a song for me at the end of the workshop, and it was so memorable. The principle and the writer from Izu Shinbun(Japanese local newspaper) were also attending the workshop, and it became an article on Izu Shinbun the next day.


At the end of the day I had a chance to talk to the principle for about 30 min.

The Principle: When my son was little I could find a lot of beach glass on the Oose Beach, my hometown beach, and used to make lampshades out of those glass pieces.

Naoya: I just wanted to keep our beaches clean. That’s all about Beach Money activities. There is no gain or loss here.

The Principle: Japanese people used to be like that in the good old days. I’m glad we still have some younger generation like you.

The Principle: I wonder if our school can become a Beach Money shop. For example, school kids sing a song for you if you bring in beach money.

Naoya: That would be great! Why don’t we ask the students to create the song they sing, a Beach Money song!


It was a great experience for me to have a workshop there and made me rethink what Beach Money should be. We will be flexible and always accept changes for good.

*We had a permission to use the students photos from the school



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