Issue of Beach money guide 2017

We are going to receive annual beach money guide 2017.

Renewed the guide this time with so much energy.

* It was like a piece of map before but changed it into a booklet type.
* Now it is 24 pages of full color
* The size is the square of 148mm, which is slightly larger than that of CD
* It is square on purpose to be insta-friendly
* We focused on pictures
* It has the reading of Chinese characters so the primary school students can read smoothly
* English translation became available for foreign friends
* Something fun like “Find beach grass!” was added

It is scheduled to be sent with Yamato delivery service and DMs to the beach money shops tomorrow and will be delivered/displayed by Sat, Sep. 23rd at the latest.

Please visit the shops and take a look at the renewed guide 2017. All those who helped me to compile the guide, thank you so much for the support.

Those who doesn’t have beach money shops, please drop me at the beach money office a line so I can send you, your family, your boy friend or girl friend and friend one for free, next week and beyond.

PS:Lastly, don’t forget the beach clean ^^ And use the soap called “All things in nature” ,which is supporting us with donation.



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