Field study with Izu-cho Higashi elementary school as pat of BeachMoney workshop

I had the 2nd BeachMoney Workshop with Minami Izu-cho Higashi elementary school today.

Last time I talked about trash and marine debris on the beach as well as BeachMoney by showing slideshow I made.

Now it was time for them to go out the field.



We had about 20min beach cleanup and at the same time looked for beach glass at the Ougase reef. Kids are amazing! They found all kinds of rare pieces such as black and white gradation, part of an old light bulb with copper line, and red piece. I don’t think I can even find just one of those by myself.



We all enjoyed hands-on experience on the beach and this is always the best part of my workshop.

The students will give a presentation about BeachMoney at school in December.



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