Portable trash bag called “My Little Pocket”

This MLP is now 1.2 yrs old, as it was made in Jan. of 2016.

Does everyone have it in hand??

Since I am living in Izu and mostly move around by K-truck, it’s kind of difficult to fully utilize the MLP, but when I go to Tokyo or Shonan area and move on foot/train, it just boosts its power.

For about 10minutes on my way to my parents’ house in Yokosuka from the closest station, where is also a school paths of high school girls, while controlling a slightly ashamed feeling, I squeezed my courage and picked up trashes like cigarette butts and the bag of candy other day.

As expected, the most found was cigarette butts…

I picked them up by hands first but was unpleasant even for me….

And happened to make a small sized tong using so many thick bamboos in front of our house.

Cut a part without the gnarl of the bamboo in 30cm, then tear it with a hatchet from the top in 8 to 12 pcs (depends on the size of the bamboo), and slowly bend the center while warming and lightly file there to finish.

Taking this tong to Yokohama and tried picking up the trash…worked very well.

Shared it with my companions and they liked it very much.

Especially Kimchin from Gankohompo the producer of MLP.

Make, experiment and exercise various things with our own hands.

We believe small things like these are important.

Bamboos are everywhere, so we encourage you to try.

MLP is available in 1,080 yen for 10pcs.
Please contact The Beach Money (from inquiry form here)if you are interested.



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