My Little Pocket was posted on the Minami Nihon Newspaper on Oct 10th!

In 2016, which is 10th anniversary of beachmoney activity, I’ve created “My little pocket” (aka MAIPOKE), a very convenient trash bag to pick up garbages in town.

Some may think “Why to pick up trash in town?” but these trash in town ends up in the ocean. Thus, ” let’s pick up trash in town, before they come to the beach!” This is how we started.

At the beginning around Jan. 2016, we have been donated by world famous GIVENCY (planned by ultra marine) and made 5,000 pcs and given them away for free.

Being out of stock we, beach money produces and sells them through the beach money shops nation wide and beach money office at the price of 216 yen.

It is our first time to be published on the newspaper, it was thanks to Mr. Ryosuke Ikeda who has been doing activities like beach clean and sightseeing in the most southern island in Kagoshima prefecture of Yorong picked up the eyes of a writer.

It has been introduced as trash bag for the cigarette bag but we hope to be used as a portable trash bag for the garbage in town and/or your own. You can of course use it as a bag for the shells and sea grasses.

As a give away gift for the participants of a Yorong marathon held in March of 2017, the MAIPOKE was selected and its original version was created 5,000 pcs. The article was all about this.

The history of my little pocket is now 1 year and 9 months only but the number of people using it is gradually increasing in Japan.

If you’re interested, you can buy from 1 pc so please contact the beach money office.

More importantly, we need to continue the activity day by day, with smile on the face.



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